Friday, April 28, 2017

Recent Empties #4 (Last one from the past year!)

This is the last empties post from my stash and non-blogging period from the past year! If you have been reading this far... thanks, I appreciate you staying with me!

Clinique moisture surge intense. Best winter moisturizer ever. Seriously, I went through all of the harsh Toronto winter with NO dry patches. That has never happened before. I will repurchase and you should too if you have dry skin! Make sure to get the "intense" version, because I tried the other one and it was drying on me.

Face Atelier lip putty. I liked this product as a primer under pigmented lipsticks, as it sheered out the pigment a bit and prevented it from settling in my lines (I have a lot of deep wrinkles on my lips). Didn't work that well as a lip balm though. 

Perricone No Foundation Foundation Serum. This was a deluxe sample. Despite its sheerness, it was way too dark for me and I needed to blend it with a white sunscreen (Shiseido blue) to make it work. It worked well though and evened out my complexion nicely without making it look like makeup. I just wish they made a lighter shade of it so I don't have to mix it every morning.

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish. This is actually a deluxe sample that just took me forever to use up. I really like it though! It smoothed out the small flakes and left lips feeling moisturized and ready for lipstick!

Lancome eyeliner (LE). This was a seasonal one and I don't recall the exact name. I'm chucking it because of what you see in the photo below. The product has weirdly shrunk inside the pencil/wood! I'm guessing it dried out (which is odd for a pencil, I thought drying out was only an issue for gel liners!). When this product was fresh, it was inky and lovely, the pigmentation of a gel liner. It had been getting flakey and dry for awhile despite me sharpening it lots. So now I see that it's just dried out. I won't be purchasing any other Lancome pencil liners due to this.

Ok I made it through the past year of empties! Phew. It really does feel good to have finished and rid these products. Some of them got repurchased of course, so they will show up again in another empties post down the road :)

I'm not sure how often I will blog this summer. I have been trying lots of new products but not many truly excite me these days. It's nice to try new products, but after awhile they all become somewhat similar. I've been recently pondering how much I spend on beauty products as well (I'm embarrassed at the amount), and how much I stress-shop. I will be doing some self-examination over the next little while and working on other stress-relief ways, such as yoga and mindfulness meditation. Will see how it goes :)


  1. I have the Fresh sugar lip polish as well in the deluxe sample size and I use it so much and still not finished yet. I used to use the Lush one but that one dries out quite fast. Will definitely purchase the Fresh one once I am done with my sample.

    1. Yes so little is needed each time! I miss it a bit already might repurchase soon