Sunday, July 10, 2016

My 1st MAC purchase (what?!) - Huggable Lipcolor in Commotion and Mineralize Skinfinish in Other Earthly

That's right, I've never bought any MAC products up until now... crazy right? I mostly buy makeup from Sephora and department stores, and never ventured into MAC stores. Since The Bay now carries MAC, and recently had some items on 30% off, I thought this was a good time to check things out!

Had to go for a lipstick right :)  The Huggable Lipcolors had mixed reviews when I looked up other blogs, so I went with a raspberry-plum shade that I know likely will work on me. It's called "Commotion".

The texture is really interesting. If I try to swipe it on my lips like any other lipstick, the bullet is "sticky" and tugs on my lips quite uncomfortably. So I found the best way to apply this is by dabbing rather than swiping. The result is a sheer glossy (for a lipstick) finish that fills in lines and makes my lips look plump and healthy. It lasts until I eat but leaves a light stain. 

I swatched it amongst some of my other raspberry-plums. Temptalia calls this shade "highly dupable", which is true, however the finish is unique!

Left to right: Burberry Kisses Bright Plum (slightly more pigmented and creamy with less sheen)
MAC Huggable Commotion (the glossiest and most tacky in feel)
Marc Jacobs Boy Gorgeous (the most pigmented and matte of these)
Tom Ford Violet Fatale (the most comfortable and lightweight of all these)

Next I chose one of the Mineralize Skinfinish which I also hear a lot about. 
I was very disappointed by the shipping, as it had unfortunately been knocked around and there was chunky glitter everywhere (had even escaped to the box). I was concerned this was going to end up a chunky glittery-highlighter, and I was partially right. 

Presentation is gorgeous, and the sections are large enough I can use the shades separately, however I discovered that is not the best way to use this...

When swatched, I was not impressed...the silver and gold-bronze were super glittery and chunky, and the middle rosy shade was chalky. When I put them on my cheek separately, the 2 glittery ones looked terrible, they were hard to blend out and stuck as chunky glitter on my face. The middle shade just didn`t show on my cheeks. I was about to sigh and give up until I read from others that they like this best blended altogether. So I took a dense synthetic brush and swirled it all around. The result was...well... kind of out of this world! It`s hard to describe, altogether it looks like a rosy highlighter that is sparkly rather than glittery (sparkly in a nice way!). It isn`t subtle, but also doesn`t scream glitter like when the shades go on individually. I love it! 

Overall, this has been a good first foray into MAC and I`ll definitely be picking up some more from the 30% off sale!

Share with me your favorite products from MAC!


  1. Hurray! Congratulations on your first purchase from MAC! I've actually never purchased or owned anything from there either, but I'm sure my time will come one day. I'm surprised that "Commotion" looks so sheer - makes me realize the importance of seeing swatches before purchasing a product. You can tell I'm more used to opaque lippies. I really do like the shade on you though! I would love to see a swatch of all the shades of the Mineralize Skinfinish mixed together. :) Overall, great review!

    1. Ooh you too eh?! This is a good time that 30% off Sale is still on! Ah you're right I should have done an overall swatch, I guess I would just swipe my finger in all the shades?

  2. I am so tempted to pick up from the MAC sale which is unheard of. I used to get a lot more MAC products, especially skinfinish and lipsticks but I slowly branched out to Sephora and other brands :)

    1. Hehe we've gone in the opposite direction then. I picked up 2 more huggables!

  3. Great picks, I love the Huggable formula.