Saturday, March 21, 2015

Topbox March 2015

Wee another Topbox! This $12+tax/mo subscription usually brings me a smile mid-month, click onward to see my contents this month, and feel free to leave me a link with yours!

Reversa micellar like a Bioderma dupe? I have too many cleansers on the go right now so will save this for travelling.

 Ah a super expensive eye serum by Elizabeth Arden prevage line. I should be excited except this is the 3rd sample of this product I've received, and it's getting smaller (the last one was 5mL, this is only 3mL).  It honestly is a good product folks, but I don't think I would ever shell out the full price for it since I keep getting samples! This is not smart marketing yo... These samples last a long time since you only need so little per day.

Ooh a Nyx baked eyeshadow...I have never actually tried any baked shadows nor any shadows from Nyx, so was exicted to try this (I know, what rock have I been living under right...)

It swatches nicely, but boy is it a hard shadow...not sure if it's because it's "baked" (since it's my first baked shadow, I have no comparison). I'm used to feeling softness when swatching eyeshadows but this felt like a hard powdery rock.

I tried to do a smokey eye with it, but it looked terrible, way too grey and dirty looking. I settled for a sheer wash with a simple thin cat liner instead, with heavier application in the crease.

I'm not really liking this...but happy got to try it as part of Topbox rather than waste money on buying any more baked shadows down the road.


Lastly, StriVection retinol night cream. Woa, retinol is big guns for wrinkles. I'm not sure if I'm ready for that yet, might give this to my mom.

As usual, I'm happy with the mix and happy to try new things, even if they don't work out it's good to know what to avoid buying in the future. 

What was in your Topbox this month?


  1. Aw, too bad the eyeshadow isn't very soft, because the shade is lovely. And yeah, be careful with that retinol! I ended up tossing out my SkinCeuticals retinol cream because my skin couldn't handle it, not even after months of on and off use.

    1. Oh yikes, that sounds scary. I also heard about the retinol "purge" that people can get, with ++dry skin and breakouts, also scary and not worth the risk for me I think. Thanks for the warning!