Thursday, July 31, 2014

Shiseido Lacquer Gloss RS306 Plum Wine

The new MLBB with a plummy twist... this deluxe sample came in a Sephora special, and I am absolutely loving the formula! 

Shiseido is a very classic brand in my view, and a brand that I started out on when I first became interested in luxe skincare and cosmetics.  This is their lacquer gloss, which is a sheer lipstick-gloss product that is meant to provide color and shine as well as moisture. 

This applicator is okay-ish, not the best I've ever used but not bad. The shape applies nicely though is a bit too flexible for my liking. I like to wipe a bit off the tip before applying as it comes out of the tube with a lot of product.

(bounced flash)

(indirect natural light, no flash)

Very natural looking color when sheered out, which is how I like to wear it. Very MLBB-ish with a slight twist!

The feel of this gloss is also amaaazing. It made my lips feel moisturized all day, with no peeling or cracking that I tend to get from other products. After the shine wipes off with meals, there is a light stain that remains. The more product I use in the AM the more of a stain I'll have left after lunch. 9-10 hours later I will still have a light stain though would probably touch up if I were to go out for dinner.

Overall, a great intro shade into this lacquer gloss product that makes me want to try more shades!

Have you tried this line before? What did you think?


  1. Very pretty! Love the natural blushed hues on your lips.
    I agree with you on that Shiseido is a very classic brand with many underrated products. I find their pricing is quite reasonable as well. :)

    1. Thanks Lena! Yes they are definitely reasonable compared to some other dept store brands. I find also their shades are well suited to asian skintones

  2. very pretty shade! I love MLBB-ish shades and I am more into lippies which stain a bit as I'm so lazy in re-applying lipstick after meals.

    1. me too! especially with lunch and rushing back to work and all =P

  3. i've not tried this before!! i want to check it out :)