Sunday, July 20, 2014

Philosophy Miracle Worker SPF 50+

Yay summer...time of hot weather and fun outdoors, which means need for more SPF! I'm almost done the my Murad SPF 30 (will show up soon in an empties review), and have been on the look out for something higher SPF. I chose the Philosophy Miracle Worker. It combines powerful sunscreens as well as loads of antioxidants, need lots of those!

It contains 5 different sunscreens, all of chemical types (so no white cast expected).

It comes out a relatively thin fluid for such high SPF rating (often the higher one goes up in SPF, the thicker the product might be), which is nice as who wants thick goop on their face. 

It absorbs quite nicely, no white cast as expected. There's a minor bit of sheen that will go away in a few minutes once the product fully absorbs. Not a matte finish by any means, but it doesn't make me look oily afterwards.

The smell isn't overly great (mild chemical smell), but that also means no irritating fragrances, so that's a give and take for me.

Overall, I like this! I'd recommend it for anyone looking for more skincare and sunscreen in one. Keep in mind I have normal/combo skin in the summer. If you're oily maybe try it out in store first before purchasing to see if it might make you shiny.  

What's your favorite moisturizer-sunscreen in the summer?

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