Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Recent Empties #3 (almost there!)

It's another empties post! The "Recent Empties" series is from the past year, so there's quite a bit and it honestly feels good to have used up (or decluttered) so many products! More room to buy more right... (noooo...)

Velour white eyelash glue. This was even worse than the black one!! It was white, named "white", and dried white...not clear! I somehow expected "white" to mean clear, because glues usually come in clear or black, but white?!?! In addition to the usual black band of the falsies, it added a white band...what da heck was the point?! I'm just angry I wasted money. Just stick with Duo. Velour makes beautiful falsies but terrible glue.

Tom Ford Oud Wood shower gel (originally reviewed here). It was just an overpriced shower gel, I don't recommend it unless you are in completely in love with the scent, and I wasn't so in love with it to want to shell out $77 CAD again (and TF since then increased the price! Most recent price on Sephora is $87 >.<). 

Shu Uemura cleansing oil shampoo. This one I highly recommend and will repurchase after I finish off some of my other shampoo bottles. It didn't strip my hair, and I could do with or without conditioner after, which has never happened with any other shampoo as my hair is fine and dry and tangles easily. 

Belvada nail polish remover. This was great, didn't try out my nails at all. I just can't find it anymore! :( If anyone knows where I can buy it please tell me! I used to buy it from ftbbeauty but it's always out of stock there now. 

That's it for now, I have one more in a couple of days!

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