Friday, April 10, 2015

Depotting madness - Tokidoki, Too Faced, Bare Escentuals, Lancome, BH Cosmetics

Depotting isn't everyone's cup of read on only if you want to see some of these destroyed. It is a good stress reliever and allows you to build your own custom palettes after from random shadows from various brands. 

Hello tokidoki...I totally messed up my other palette as I attempted to depot via prying the pans out. DON'T do that! It bend the pans and my shadows broke sadly. I did more research this time and found out with these paper palettes it's best to cut into and separate the paper, rather than pry out the pans. 


Oh hello blush.

To get the eyeshadows out I needed to cut away and separate more layers of cardboard.

And now shadows are freed too. The glue peeled off really easily which made it much easier.


This little BH palette came in a Topbox. The shadows are actually surprisingly pigmented and work well, but I don't find they go WITH each other at all! I don't get why they are in the same palette (maybe just for sampling reasons). Good reason to depot this then and separate the shadows.

Same thing here, cutting away and separating the cardboard does the trick.

Wee all shadows have been freed.

Satisfying cardboard mess.

Next up a deluxe sample of a sweet chocolate smelling matte bronzer by Too Faced. This is actually quite a hefty size and probably will last me forever. 
Decided to go with the prying method here.

The pan turned out to be attached to a cardboard piece, which left some glue behind. 

I find an alcohol wipe works best for glue removal.

Eee yucky gluey mini mess here.

Next a BE palette that came free with a Sephora order. I couldn't pry this so went to my last resort, which is using heat. I like using candle more than a flat iron/oven as I feel I have more control.

Heat then pop out, yay! These were covered in yucky glue which took lots of alcohol and elbow grease to remove. 

Then my daughter woke up from her nap and I didn't get to the Lancome... for the next depotting session then...

Depotting madness over for now, until next time!


  1. I am not big fan of depotting but I will admit - it is liberating to see someone else's depotting process.
    Are you planning to put these in a Z-palette or something similar? ;)

    1. Hehe you should try it one day on some palettes you care less about and see how you feel! I keep them haphazardly in a large z-palette then I transfer to a small one for travel / bathroom vanity use.

  2. I have only depotting once with my MAC shadows and I ruined a few and I never dare to do it again. It is an awesome idea to depot your favorites and put them in a z-palette though.

    1. I have ruined a few as well, some I salvaged by mushing the shadows back down but a couple I couldn't so I depotted the broken down powder out of the pan to use loose. I probably won't risk depotting the higher end stuff though (I have seen ppl online depot Tom Ford, eeks)