Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sephora Sale Haul #2

I am so glad the Sephora sale is over. My wishlist was multiple hundreds of dollars and needed to be cut down. So what did I do...I just ended up making multiple smaller orders over that week. It somehow didn't feel as bad each time but I got my cc bill today and yup there was a lot of damage...Time to recover and use and review in the next little while! Meanwhile here's haulage...

See my 1st Sephora Sale in-store haul here

This was a total impulse's this neat little silicone scooper thing for getting the last bottom bits out of that favorite discontinued lip gloss. I have yet to actually hit bottom on a lip gloss (usually they expire and get tossed before this happens), but I'm finding this quite neat and others have suggested it can be used to scoop out the last bits of skincare product which I will try. 

Viseart I have been hearing lots about from MUAs due to it's intense pigmentation and blendability. When this guy first showed up at Sephora it kept selling out within minutes of me getting the "back in stock" email. Well finally it appears Sephora got enough in stock to last the whole sale. I'm so excited to try this and will hopefully post a review soon.

This next little guy is the cutest packaged powder I have ever seen. It's a violet tinted powder that is supposed to brighten sallow skintones, like mine. Will see how it goes...

I have been so resistant to trying the Clarisonic before. It's expensive and I wondered how much better it could be than my washcloths... However as noted I went a little crazy during this sale and that crazy part of me decided now was the time to try the Clarisonic. I stuck with the basic Mia1 model. I bought myself the "delicate" brush and will let hubby try the "sensitive" brush. Let's see how it goes! I will try for a good few weeks before posting my thoughts.

Lastly, the KGD spa water. It's expensive but let's see how it compares to my Bioderma as I test it in the next little while. I also got the Sephora Pro Airbrush Fan brush I've been eyeing for the past year. At over $40 it was hard to make the purchase, but yes the crazy part of me made the plunge this time 'round. 

I still have one more order coming... my mom once told me when undecided about saving/buying, just go out and make more money =P As stressful as work is sometimes, it's nice to treat myself to these things when I can :) 

Show me your Sephora haulage! Feel free to link your posts.


  1. You got some awesome goodies!! Can't wait to see what you think of the Viseart palette as everybody is raving about it. You will love your Clarisonic. I have the Mia 2 and have been using it for 2 years now and my skin has never been better since I started using it.

    1. I used the Clarisonic for the 1st time today it felt so odd hehe, but boy did my face feel clean after! I'm scared of the "purge" that some people talk about so I'm gonna start maybe once every few days and work myself up slowly in frequency.