Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Topbox December 2014

I'm really late with my Topbox post this month...but I was really not excited about it so I'll excuse myself with that. Good thing is, I actually got to test out most of the products this time, so this post is more of a "review" than an "unboxing". 

Yay baggie, I have been asking for no tubes, got way too many!

First up, some skin care samples from eslor.

They're unfortunately foils, though there is considerable amounts of products. I squeezed out the day cream into a container and after a full week, it's only half used up!
Product itself is decent, nothing special though.

Kinetics nailpolish. I like blue for toes, this is good!

marsk mineral eyeshadow. I was really underwhelmed by this... most because this colorful is not terribly wearable. I actually don't see myself ever wearing this shade.  The formula however, is AWESOME wet. When wet with water it's pigmented and beautifully multi-dimensional almost mermaid-like green (again, though the color is beautiful, I'm not sure what I would wear it with unless I were to dress up as a mermaid). It's unfortunately super blah when dry and goes on sooo sheerly it's barely there.  

Lastly I got the barefoot Venus "dry oil". I don't get this term really. It's essentially a spray oil. It feels like any other oil. Works fine but I really don't get what the "dry" is indicating cuz this aint dry, it's oily!

Did you get anything more exciting this month? Hope you did! Share!


  1. Amazing the little sample size could be that much product. I have stopped my subscription with Topbox as I have collected way too many unused products. Once I use some up, I will definitely subscribe again as I think it is one of the best valued beauty subscription boxes.

    1. Good for you, I think about stopping but am addicted I think lol. Along with the decreased shopping I'm aiming for this year, I think I need Topbox so I kind of feel like I'm getting new things still :) I also want to use up my samples more so will try to do that. Unfortunately some are terrible and I threw some away recently.