Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Illamasqua Eye Brow Cake in Motto - Review, Swatches

Although the YSL Eyebrow pencil remains my HG brow product, the curious part of me that wants to see if anything out there is better always gets me to buy and try other products. I picked up this eyebrow cake during the Illmasqua sale from the Bay. It's a powder cake that can be used dry or activated with Illamasqua Sealing Gel (much like any cake activator, can turn any powder product into a water-resistant liquid). This turns the cake into a gel/pomade like product.

First off, the color is spot on for my brows, actually even closer match than the YSL in #4. I have very dark brown hair, but grey eyebrows (typical for asians). It was smooth and easy to apply dry, and gave a very natural look. When used with the sealing gel, it was more intense but could be applied lightly enough to not be unnatural looking. See photos below. Apologies for the lighting change from my natural brow, but hope it still shows how natural the product looks.

natural brow

Brow Cake in Motto - DRY

with Sealing Gel

Overall, this definitely makes good competition for the YSL in terms of final look. However, this takes waaaay longer to apply because I have to re-dip the brush repeatedly to pick up more product. Because the YSL is a pencil, I can just draw on and go. I have now been using this when I have more time to do my makeup, but can't be bothered with it when I'm rushing in the mornings for work. 

Have you tried any cake products, brows or eyeliners? What did you think of them compared to traditional pencils/gels?


  1. I haven't tried any cake products and what an intestine concept for the sealing gel. Really like how natural your brows look. I got the Anastasia brow wiz which everybody is raving about but I find it take a while to apply for a natural look. Will have to keep this in my wish list to try.

    1. Thanks! It is very versatile but unfortunately like the Brow wiz takes awhile to apply. Weekend only product I suppose :)