Thursday, December 26, 2013

DIY Tinted Lipbalm / Sheer Lipstick

Got just a bit of your favorite lip color left over in the bottom of the tube to use up?
Found a gorgeous color but wish it came in a more sheer version for daytime use?
Or maybe you just like to DIY things... read on to see how I make tinted lip balms / sheer lipsticks!


- oils and butters of your choice (I used coconut oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, shea butter, and cocao butter; but really, feel free to use any of that combination or others, the important thing is more the ratio which I'll discuss more below)

- beeswax

- candle

- metal spoon

- metal mixing spatula (or toothpick could work as well)

- approx 3 mm slice of lipstick color of your choice (or the amount left over in bottom of tube)

- empty small jar or lip balm canister (can be bought cheaply from ebay)

The simple steps:

1) combine the lipstick, wax and oils/butters in the spoon

     - the amount of wax you use depends on how pigmented your lipstick is and how sheer or
       tinted you prefer the final product. I find that for a fairly pigmented lipstick slice, I use
        about 6-8 small balls of beeswax to sheer out a moderate amount.

     - ensure wax and oils/butters are approx 1:3 volume ratio (this is only approximate and gets
       the consistency that I prefer, if you however prefer a "firmer" lip balm then up the wax or vice
       versa if you prefer a softer end product

     - *pearls*: practice first with a lipstick color you don't care much about to get the right 
         consistency you prefer and adjust the was to oil/butter ratio accordingly
2) hold spoon over candle while mixing with toothpick or spatula

3) once all mixed, pour into your container of choice and let cool (can leave in room temperature
    for couple hours or speed up by placing in fridge for about 30 minutes);

  - for aesthetics, use your spatula to scrape off the top of the tube to get an even surface

this is a different shade from the one used in the methods photos,
which was my test batch that ended up too soft for my liking

There you go, simple right ?! Let me know if you try this method how it worked out for you!

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