Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Topbox December 2013 Unboxing

I skipped an unboxing post in Nov because I got the Bioderma box (no surprises in that box, though I have been diligently using the products so will have a full review up soon!). Finally, a surprise is back for Dec! Click the jump for more :)

The usual canister packaging with tissue inside...

All 4 products nicely bundled together!

Argh, I actually can't wear perfume to work and thus very very rarely wear any. Gonna put this in someone's stocking stuffer who might actually be able to use it.  I took a whiff from the sample and it was "alright" for my amateur perfume tastes

Next, Skiin "Instant Skin Tightener & Line Filler". Wow...advertising as a bit of a miracle product. I do have some fine lines but nothing significant that I feel the need to "fill" and tighten right now, so again, will get into a stocking stuffer for someone else to actually use.

Next, Belvada coconut lip butter. This is the company that made the weird gold flakes lotion which I quite liked despite it being a bit glitter-bomb-ery in the sun.

I have been using this the past week, it's very moisturizing but also very "oily" feeling. I only use this at night as there's way too much slip on it to apply any lip pigments over in the day time.

Last but not least, gold glitter polish! Perfect for the holidays! I love the look of glitter polish but really really hate taking it off afterwards.  Sigh, what a dilemma =P

And lastly the card.  Overall only 4 products but 2 are full-sized. Not my favorite box so far but not bad either.  What did you get this month??


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Looks like we're pretty similar this month!

    To get off the glitter polishes, try foil wraps over pure acetone remover-soaked balls for about 15 mins. Give them a couple of twists and most sparklies slide right off :)

  2. I am away and I can't wait to go home and open this month's box. The nail polish looks amazing. Perfect for the holiday season. I, too, dislike receive perfume in my box as I dislike most strongly-scented ones and always have to give those away.

  3. I received the same as you except that my nail polish was a multi-coloured glitter (but mostly silver). Strangely, I did not receive the card as usual. I will contact customer service.