Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dr. Jart BB Creams: Water Fuse vs. Black Label Detox

I recently purchased Dr. Jart's BB cream set from Sephora ($34). It comes with 4 deluxe-sample sized versions of their original 4 BB creams. I highly recommend this as it will allow you to try each out before you splurge on the full size tube!  Click the jump below to read more of my thoughts on the two I tried so far: Water Fuse and Black Label Detox.

Update: My review of the Renewalist and Premium BB cream is now up!

Dr. Jart Water Fuse Beauty Balm SPF 25 

As you probably know by now, BB creams are supposed to be "all-in-one" type of products, meant to moisturize, prime, protect, treat, and provide some coverage. Unfortunately many companies have made "BB creams" that are really just re-labelled tinted moisturizers, which do no more than any other tinted moisturizer would do. Dr. Jart's BBs though, are overall known to be more in-line with the original intention to provide some treatment of the skin rather than just cover+moisturize, similar to the Korean brands such as Skin79 (I have avoided buying this here in the West due to many "fake" products out there).
This particular BB cream claims to be made from 50% water to hydrate and soothe the skin. It claims that tiny droplets of water will appear when applied which will then quickly absorb and give an overall "dewy" finish, and that there will be a cool/soothing effect.
My impression: particular soothing action noted, no "droplets of water" seen. It does give a nice dewy finish though which is great currently in the dry winter, however did not "feel" anymore moisturizing than any other BB cream.  It looks great with one layer, however when I tried to put a second layer on certain trouble spots it did settle into fine lines and became more obvious-makeup-ey looking. I would not recommend this product if you have oily skin and probably not for summer when we are all generally more oily and sweaty on top of that. I feel that the "dewy" look may turn into shiny/oily look in the summer. You may also want higher SPF in the summer than the 25 this offers. I will keep using this in the winter though!
Left: Water Fuse on back of hand (note how "stiff" and gel-like it is, as it maintains the shape it came out of the tube in)
Right: Water Fuse blended out, slight settling into fine lines noted

Dr. Jart Black Label Detox Beauty Balm SPF 25

This BB cream is marketed for men as well as women. It claims to have anti-aging properties, calm sensitive skin, combat dark spots, and enhance "radiance" by combating pollutants. It claims to contain botanical actives, caviar extract, antioxidants, and arbutin to do the above mentioned wonders. Green tea and aloe vera are a couple of the "soothing" agents in this product.
My impression:  This product is much more watery/thin compared to Water Fuse, and is easier to blend and apply (more blending is required with Water Fuse to smooth out the gel-like texture). It also doesn't settle into fine lines as much as Water Fuse, which seems like it would be a better product for the more mature skin. However, the finish is quite MATTE, which I suspect may be aging on some (generally mature skin would do better with a more dewy finish, which gives a younger apperance).  The overall properties of this product seems like it's made for more mature skin though given all the anti-aging stuff and all, but I just can't comment on what the makeup effect of it would be on someone my mother's age without trying it on her (I will update if I get the chance to try it on her!)  So if you have mature skin, guess you'd have to try it out to know! Best to ask for a sample from Sephora, or buy this 4-pack like I did.  For us "young-en's" (30s!), the matte finish is great for those with more oily or combination skin, it's great that the little fine lines we're developing isn't enhanced, and I like knowing there's some anti-aging properties for good preventative measure!
Left: Black Label on back of hand (note how much more thin/watery it is compared to Water Fuse, as it doesn't maintain its "shape" and smears); Right: Black Label blended out
Overall comparison: Both are SPF 25, so I'd recommend them for winter use only when we're generally outside less and the UV rays are slightly less. Water Fuse is probably better for the younger crowd without any fine lines/wrinkles, and for those with normal/dry skin. Also probably only good for those not needing much coverage, as it will start to cake up and enhance lines/dry patches if you put too much on.  Black Label Detox is better for the young or "middle" aged crowd with normal/combo/oily skin who want some anti-aging prevention, or possibly for the mature skin (can't comment on this fully I haven't had the opportunity to test it on mature skin).
Hope this review has been helpful, let me know if you have tried these products and what your thoughts were!



  1. The us released versions for sephora are not the exact formula/colors as the ones sold in asia. whether it be the silver lable, black label, gold premium or water fuse. i prefer the ones sold in asian market. these are way too watery therefore less coverage and makes face shiny.

    1. I actually find the black label one I tried (from Sephora) pretty matte, but my skin is combination so I can't speak for oily skin types. I've never tried the ones from Asia so can't comment on that but suppose we North Americans have to make do with what we got here :)