Monday, April 29, 2013

Drugstore Lip brush review: Annabelle vs. Quo

I tried 2 different drugstore lip brushes recently and here are my thoughts on the Quo vs Annabelle (actually this is their concealer brush, but I much prefer using as a lip brush, click the jump to see why!)

Annabelle Concealer Brush (available at most drug stores) - $8
Why am I reviewing a concealer brush against a lip brush? It's thin-profile paddle shape, soft, yet stiff brush, is perfect for applying lip products! The thin-profile allows you to cut sharp lines, and the paddle shape allows you to brush color onto the pout faster and blend more easily than a smaller brush would. *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Quo Retractable Lip Brush (available at Shoppers Drug Mart) - ~$10-15 (Shopper's frequently has sales on these brushes, so wait for a sale!) This is a much smaller brush, though still thin-profile and the same soft-yet-stiff feel I like for lip brushes. It's retractable which is good for travel.  The thing is, for the price, I really feel you could find much better (such as at Sephora). The small brush is good for lining the lips with your product but also makes it take longer to apply to the rest of your lips because it's just too small! *NOT recommended overall

Have you tried these brushes? Or tried any really awesome lip brushes? Please share!


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