Thursday, May 19, 2016

Shu Uemura KYE Collection: Fresh Cushion Blush - hibiscus orange

I'm starting off this KYE series review with my favorite product thus far. This is my first cushion blush product ever, and have to say this now my favorite form of blush!
 I love applying cushion BB creams, like my IOPE Air Cushion, but this is even better!

 Cute packaging aside, it's a traditional cushion packaging with a soft sponge. This is smaller than a BB cushion of course, so only 2 fingers fit on this sponge rather than 3.

 The sponge is very saturated with product, and initially I thought I was going to apply way too much. 
I needn't have been concerned though, as this blush is very sheer, but buildable. I dab the sponge in the cushion then lightly tap it around my cheeks. It blends like a dream!

 On the left is a big unblended splotch of the product, and on the right is blended out. It's subtle and very natural, of a demi-matte, non-shiny sheen. It doesn't look artificially orange, but rather warms up my cheeks almost like bronzer, though without the "tan" look. It's beautiful though I had trouble capturing my cheeks on photo with this showing up so hopefully you can trust my words and go try this out yourself! It looks even more gorgeous if you add a golden highlighter on top!

Have you tried a cushion blush before? It feels like a pampering spa experience for my cheeks!


  1. THEFACESHOP has recently released their first ever cushion blush, so I've had a chance to try that out. Theirs is $15 and it comes in two shades - pink and orange. The orange one has a bit of shimmer in it, but their pink one is exactly the same as how you describe this Shu Uemura one. Depending on skintone, you can actually use THEFACESHOP cushion blushes as an under eye colour corrector, so I'm curious to know if you can use your Shu Uemura cushion for the same thing!

    1. Oh wow that's a lot more affordable than these! This one doesn't have shimmer though which I like. What an interesting idea to use as a color corrector! Hm makes sense though

  2. I have been wanting to try out a cushion blush for a while. I love how natural cushion foundation looks on me and curious about how the blush cushion would perform. I only use cushion foundation in the winter/spring as it is just too oily for my skin in the warmer months. Would this stay on your cheeks for a while in the warm weather?

    1. It stays on me well though my cheeks are on the dry side, not sure how it will hold up on oily skin. It's definitely very natural looking!