Monday, March 17, 2014

Topbox March 2014 Unboxing and First Impressions


My March 2014 Topbox came the same day I got the shipping notice! If you aren't already familiar, Topbox is a Toronto-based beauty subscription box (like Ipsy, Birchbox etc.).

Hello familiar tissue packaging...I got the regular box this month.
Click the jump to see what I got and my thoughts on the products! (This post will be updated as time goes on whilst I try these out...)

First view of the loot

The first product I'm taking a closer look at is the Clinique Superprimer face primer.

This is a oil-free primer, which goes on very smoothly. The texture is probably best described as in between Smashbox and MUFE (feels moisturizing and not silicone-y at first like the MUFE primer, then dries down in a very smooth silicone-y manner like the Smashbox primer).

Not sure if the photo shows much difference, but on close up the lines and the pores appear smoothed over. Just from how it feels on the hand, I really like this! Going to try it under foundation and will update this post once I've done that.

Next, the Lashem Wrinkle Reducer. I've got lots of fine lines but can't say I have wrinkles yet, so will gift this to someone more age-appropriate.

The Wrinkle Reducer product packaging is actually pretty nice!

Next...Miracle 10 toner. I have never heard of this brand, but toners are always useful so I'll give this a try and update the post with a review later on. If it works it's a handy travel size I'll keep around.

Lastly, belvada Blackhead Facial Mask. This is a peel-off mask made with charcoal, which seems to be showing up in multitudes of face wash/masks recently after the whole GlamGlow-love. I haven't actually hopped on the charcoal bandwagon yet so this will be good for me to try.

 *Update: me and hubby both tried this last night (I somehow managed to convince him...) and this has got to be the most MESSY mask I have ever used. It's black and sticky and was super hard to wash off my hands (I learned later it's best to let it dry at least 10 min first and THEN try to wash it off, if you try to wash right away it just sticks to your skin, ick). It does peel off nicely off the face after it's dried though, and my pores looked smaller after and my skin smoother. My advice is to lay this on as THICKLY as possible to help with the peeling process. Hubby also thought it made his skin smoother (though he only put it on the T-zones). Overall, this product is not for me...I think there's other products out there that can do what it does for less mess and fuss...but if you like the mess and the blackness (it is kind of fun for a little bit...) then go for it!

Last shot of the line up.  What did you get in your box this month?! Share please!
*Disclosure: bought this myself, not affliated with the company*


  1. Yay - I found a March 2014 Topbox Review! :) The products you got look pretty good. I got the same Belvada Facial Masks (which I will most likely not be using). The other products I got were: Advanced Night Repair (Estee Lauder), Almost Lipstick in Black Honey (Clinique), and an Epic Blend lip balm. I love Epic Blend lip balms - they are basically what got my lips through the winter. What I'm kind of saddened by is that the flavour I received is one that I ordered from Epic Blend last week. :(

    1. I like those lip balms too! but I won't be buying any more as I have already hoarded too much lip balms =P

  2. this box seems interesting. i've never placed an order for this kind of stuff, but all the items look good!


  3. I actually really like the Clinique face primer too! I tried it today and it lasts just as long as my Smashbox photo finish primer. Have you tried the Miracle10 toner yet? i've heard it's pretty nice

  4. I got the belvada asks too! but everything else is different:

  5. I received a Lashem product and a Miracle 10 product too, but different than yours. I got 3-in-1 Eye Bright (full size 15 ml) and Rich Moisture (15 ml).