Monday, March 10, 2014

Real Techniques Blush Brush Review

Short post today...on the blush brush I can't stop using, so much so my other blush brushes have gone into early retirement for now...

It's the Real Techniques blush brush (if you're not yet familiar with the line, it's an affordable but high quality brush line made by Youtuber Samanthan Chapman).  This is an egg-shaped blush brush made from synthetic fibre, and is ohhhhhhh so soft on the face. It picks up powder easily despite it's fluffy softness and blends well too. My favorite method of application with this is actually just tapping the brush over my cheekbones rather than "brushing" as the egg-shape is perfect for depositing pigment in just-the-right shape.

No shedding of any hairs thus far either with all the washing I've done. This brush retails for $10 CDN, and you can buy it at various Walmarts or online retailers such as FTB Beauty.

Overall, high quality, easy to use, and cheap... what are you waiting for, go buy this already!

*Disclosure: I bought this brush with my own money and am not affliated with this company


  1. I absolutely adore RT brushes and this one is so so soft! It's so affordable too!

  2. I love the blush brush! So soft! xx