Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Topbox October 2013 Unboxing

The October Topbox came early! (I think they announced few months ago that this would be the case for Oct, but still, nice surprise!).  What's even more awesome, is the contents of this month's box, my favorite so far for size and value and variety! Click the jump to see what I got...!!

Since this is an unboxing post (not a full review), the photos will be posted in the order I took them!
First the opening of the package...

The first thing I noticed is that there's something BESIDE the usual canister! It turns out...

Full size product! Wella's Color Protection Lotion.  My initial excitement over a full sized product wore off a little since I don't color my hair (lost way much hair after having my baby and not interested in damaging my hair any more than I already do with styling!).  but still...full size product! I will find someone with colored hair to give this to...

Now onto the canister tube... exciting opening view...

First I pulled out this card...ooh Elizabeth Arden lipstick samples! I have actually never purchased any EA products before so am happy to try this out.

This is the pill-packaging that I disliked about the Lise Watier eyeshadow samples from last month, but this one is much better! As you can see, it even has a mini lip brush! Also, lip products don't dry out as easily as the cream eyeshadows, so these may actually last more than one use...

Lipstick samples pulled out of the cardboard.  These are advertised to be moisturizing and super pigmented, we will see! I have very sensitive lips that peel with certain lip products and dries out easily, so if this doesn't make me peel or dry me out, I will definitely be buying the full size product

Next...First of all, what a beautiful model and advertising photo! Makeup is gorgeous! I believe is what some others received in their Sept Topbox, a deluxe sample of Lise Watier's Age Control tinted moisturizer.

I tried it right away, and it felt very moisturizing and easy to blend on my face, and provided even, light coverage.  It didn't really have a perfume-y smell, which means it smells a tad bit "chemically".  Some may not like this, but I don't mind it since it's not too strong.

Product swatched on the hand
Blended out, easy and smooth and evens the skintone.

Product card came out next

Ooh! Last but not least...B. Kamin's Brightening Mask! This deluxe sample looks like it'll last a few uses so will be more than enough to adequately test out this product, yay! I love B. Kamin's sunscreen (unfortunately didn't like their BB Cream from the Aug Topbox) so look forward to seeing how this will go...
That's it for my unboxing! What did you get in your Topbox this month?! Let me know!!


  1. I really like Wella products, but like you I don't colour my hair either so it would've been nice to see a product you'll use. The B.Kamins mask looks interesting. There was a night cream sample a few months ago I really liked but I didn't like their BB cream either.

  2. I got the B Kamins BB cream in a previous box. I used it 4 or 5 times. It did slightly even out the appearance of the skin and made pores less evident, but it left a greasy sheen on my face, so I had to follow it with some loose powder. I didn't like the fact that it didn't contain SPF, so I would not use this product. To me the whole point of a tinted moisturizer/BB cream is that it should be an all in one product which saves time and money.

    My October 2013 Topbox was sponsored by Murale. It contained a coupon for 10,000 bonus Optimum points on a $75 purchase. I received the following products: Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micelle Solution (a.k.a. makeup remover) - a generous 100 ml, Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream 15 ml, L'OCCITANE Immortelle Precious Eye Balm 5 ml, and skyn ICELAND Pure Cloud Cream (a.k.a. moisturizer) 10 ml. I am very pleased with my items, but would have like to have at least one makeup item in the mix.

    1. wow that sounds like an awesome skincare box! I've been wanting to try the Sensibio, hope to get it next month per wishlist!