Saturday, August 17, 2013

Weird Beauty Find: Silk Cocoon Balls

I was travelling out west and found this weird little item at Daiso in Richmond, BC (it's a Japanese dollar store, where the items are from Japan and are mostly $2 each with some exceptions).  I was wandering in the beauty section, saw this bizarre package of white little balls, and went "HUH"????  These are supposed to be actual cocoons of silk worms, and are supposed to help you wash your face?!?!?! So the adventurous side of me thought, well it can't hurt... Click the jump to see how they worked out!

This is a close-up of what one of the cocoons looks like. The instructions say to soak it in warm water for 2-3 minutes, then rub all over your washed-face. It also recommends that you do this in the bath.

Cocoon being soaked....
Once the cocoon had softened, I rubbed it over my face and concentrated my efforts in my T-zone where my blackheads are. It felt gentle but also that it was exfoliating my dead skin-cells and trapped crap in my pores!

The gunkiness from my nose, "bleh!"

There was noticeable gunk and discoloration of the cocoon after I use it. My skin did feel cleaner and gently exfoliated!! 

My overall impression: Neat little beauty idea worth trying if you happen by Daiso! It's $2 for 4, so cheap to try.  I don't think the results are better than what other exfoliators do though, so won't be incorporating silk cocoon ball rubbing into my daily regimen. However if you like the idea of using something "natural", which is also very gentle and helps to exfoliate, I'd recommend this! 

Have you tried any weird beauty items like this?! Let me know in the comments


  1. I want to go to Daiso so bad! I wish I still lived in BC :( Do they smell like anything? I automatically thought of mothballs when I saw them.

  2. haha ooh I didn't associate them with mothballs before but now that you mention it... they actually don't smell like anything at all! Daiso is definitely worth a visit if you visit Vancouver though, they have tons of fake eyelashes from Japan too for very cheap ($2 per pair)!