Thursday, July 18, 2013

Topbox July 2013 Review

I finally got off the Topbox waiting list and here it is, my first Topbox! I used to think I wouldn't like the surprise element...but I gotta admit, there was a nice pleasant feeling getting the box in the mail and not knowing what was inside...opening the tube and felt like getting a present :)  Anyhow, if you don't know what Topbox is yet, it's one of many subscription box companies. It's a Toronto company as well, so brownie points there! The idea is that you pay for a monthly subscription, and each month you get a box of beauty samples. Some of the samples are deluxe sized which can actually last awhile, and here and there full size products pop up as well. In the end, the added value of what you get is well over the monthly price. My sense is that these boxes are best for people who like to try new things.  You may find something you like or that new HG product, or you may find out what you do NOT like, which is equally as valuable I think! (so that you don't then go wasting money buying something you won't like, cuz you've already tried the sample!) Topbox costs $12+tax/month.  Click the jump to see what I got inside!!


 Outer package opened...I'm liking the tube :)   Inside is a card listing the samples.

The stash!

 First up, KMS California "ADD VOLUME" volumizing spray gel. Quite a generous sample, will last a few blow-dries for sure. I haven't tried it yet so can't comment on it, but will update when I do.


Next...yay full-sized product! China Glaze "Keepin it Teal". This is actually quite a sheer polish (3 coats on the swatch!).  It's next to a very opague/cream Julep polish so you can see the difference.  I'm not a huge fan of sheer polishes, but hey, this polish costs around $7-$10 normally, so a good chunk of the box value is already here.
 Next...Belvada Essential Day Cream, with 24K gold flakes... my reaction: "you got to be kidding is putting gold on my skin supposed to do anything?" I really am not sure what the gold does, but the cream feels nice and cool (great for summer!) and does give bit of a glow. It sells for $60 full-size (60ml).  Not sure I buy into the gold enough to buy it does also contain proteins and hyaluronic acid (great for moisturizing)

 Lastly...B. Kamins BB Cream.  Unfortunately this product doesn't seem to have SPF, which kind of defeats the purpose of a multi-purpose product as I have to put sunscreen on after. See photos below for swatch on the hand.  I'm not overly impressed as I find the coverage too sheer. I will use the sample, but won't be purchasing. Full size is $49/50ml. It looks shiny on the swatch but is actually not overly shiny on the face (weird!).  It does even out the skintone just a tad...but nothing really noticeable.

Not much coverage...and a bit too shiny

Photo with flash pointed at the hand, shiny!!

 Overally, I enjoyed the Topbox! Do you have a Topbox subscription? I'd love to hear what you got in your box!

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