Tuesday, September 8, 2015

August 2015: Empties + Decluterries

I realized that more and more of my empties posts contain products that I was just chucking out, which kind of clouds the point of empties (the point being to have a final say on a product that has been completely used up, which by then says more about it than my initial "omg I LOVE this!"). So I'm now going to do these posts in 2 sections. Click the jump if you're interested in my garbage from August! (ok that sounds terrible...but hopefully you are still interested...)


 First up, Eyeko eye makeup remover sheets. These were amazing for the first half, but the second half dried out! So annoying. I suggest if you get these that once you open, you just keep going and use it everyday...

elf makeup remover sheets, these were "meh", and you had to wash it off after, so I ended up using them to wipe swatches off my hands.
 Paula's Choice KP treatment cloths: I think by the end of the package there was a mild improvement, but I may have been imagining it... Unfortunately these smelled faintly like vomit (I think it's the lactic acid?), definitely not for me...

Lancome Energie de Vie: this was a 7 day sample of both the cream and the lotion, so 14 packets in all, which I did the squeeze-into-jar method on and it lasted me a whole month. This was a good product...Lancome rarely disappoints and this definitely did not. I felt my skin looked refreshed, less dull, and my fine lines were less visible. It's all temporary of course...but at this point in my life I'll take that temporary 5 years off my age for a few hours.

 Julep polish, this was well used and is nearly empty and half dead (it's become goopy). I have used this shade so many times and it's a perfectly elegant, yet girly shade (I know that kind of contradicts but that's how I feel when I wear it).

 Hawaiin Tropic sunscreen, with the shea butter lotion. This was a surprisingly good product. It just felt like I was putting on body lotion, not a sticky sunscreen. I think because the shea butter "strands" dilute this out, you need to put on more than you think (I ended up getting quite tanned wearing this, though I didn't burn).


Oh Fresh Sugar Rose...it was my first foray into higher-priced lip balms and this is my 3rd tube. I love the sheer rose tint and how it feels on my lips, but this product just did not survive this humid Toronto summer (especially as we decided to live "naturally" without A/C this year, I'm really feeling like that was a mistake this week, but I bet it's our last heat wave so we will just install the darn thing next year in May...). The product keeled over (broke off), and with so many other amazing tinted lip balms out there, I'm not going to fiddle with this any longer. I will no longer purchase, bye bye Sugar...

EOS...did not live up to hype, period.

NYX butter gloss: these were so hyped, I really wanted to love it, but I hated the smell (too sweet and too strong), and the feel (stickyyyy) and this shade was awful for me, I really needed something darker. Bye bye.

Buxom lip gloss: there wasn't anything particular bad or wrong about this, but it was very blah, and it was getting on in years, so bye bye.

 Lancome Juicy Tubes -  these were my first high end lip gloss introduced by my best friend. They're moisturizing and overall great products, just this one is getting quite a few years old and was separating, so time to say bye. I highly recommend this product though!

Sephora Rouge Infusion  - Peony: this was an interesting product, supposed to a "lip ink". Unfortunately I found it very difficult to apply as it as runny, like ink I suppose, but it felt like those liquid stains that I hate for the lips... Because it's runny it's hard to control with the applicator, and in the end just became too fussy for my liking.

MUFE Eye prime: This was ok for awhile, nothing special, but has been misbehaving so I think it's getting old. I won't repurchase as there are better eye primers out there.

BM Lash Domination:  this thing did make my lashes big and fat, but in a very clumpy way. On top of that it smudged...clumpy and smudgy = garbage.

 EA Prevage eye serum: This really did nothing for me, after the 4th sample tube, I'm done with it...

Prestige Makeup Eraser Pen: This idea seemed nifty at first...just erase mistakes...except that it doesn't do anything a q-tip with a bit of remover won't do...and it feels dirty as the tip, once used, is just being used over and over again...so bye bye.

Sephora Eye liners:  These were quite lovely, though difficult to remove. I don't like to keep liquid liners for too long so that's why they're heading out. I think they're overall a fun and inexpensive way to get many different colors of liquid liners to play with.

That's a wrap for Aug! How do you like this new format? Did you have a similar or completely opposite experience with one of these products? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I haven't tried any of the products you mentioned here, but I like this format. It's really clear, your justifications, and it motivates me to do the same with my stuff. Love it!

    1. Thanks Lily! I'm in a decluttering phase too, haha it may reverse after I clear more :)

  2. The Prestige eraser pen sounds like a dream. I am always so lazy in dipping q-tip into remover and I opt for easy clean-up. I have used ELF's one but it dries off too fast. I love Fresh sugar lip treatment and I try to stop buying that once my last one was used up. But it wasn't the same and I quickly had to get one. I have a mini one which twist off and broke in half as well.

    1. It's easy to use but I don't like that I can't clean the tip off, so feel like I'm rewiping the same gunk from before on and on again. I'm learning to live without Sugar now :) I like the YSL candy balms they have been great and don't break or smush like the big Sugars.