Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Empties: January 2015

Bah blogging is slowing much down these least I'm continuing to use up products :)  Hopefully I can at least keep up these empties posts as it's good to get a "final word" in on these. Enjoy for what it's worth!

The empty stash...
 Joico Joishape hair spray. Not a bad hairspray. Allows me to restyle. No residue if I brush my hair out. Only problem is the nozzle kept getting stuck due to product build up, needing multiple different maneuvers to flow again. Eventually I gave up. Won't repurchase

 John Frieda volume shampoo and conditioner. Not bad, but not super amazing. I always switch up my hair care. May repurchase but not super excited to do so.
 Clarins anti-polution cleansing cream. This cleanser felt amazing on my parched winter skin. Unfortunately it doesn't remove makeup well at all. I'd suggest this as a second stage if you're a two stage cleanser. Otherwise just use this on literal no-makeup days (not those no-makeup makeup days!). May consider repurchasing.
 Clinique high impact mascara. Solid product, but didn't wow me and I got way too many more mascara samples to go through. Won't repurchase.
 White Japanese Konjac sponge from T&T. Love these, I have used the white, green, and black is in use now. They're $6.99 and much cheaper than the Sephora ones. Will continue to repurchase.
Marc Jacobs Hi-liner gel crayon (originally reviewed here). I loved this liner while it lasted... What happened you ask? One day, after lining one eye, I move on to the other eye and notice the entire inside is GONE. Yup, it fell out onto my bathroom floor during the short second it took to transfer hands. About 2-3 inches worth of product, FELL OUT. I couldn't believe it... Makes me wary about repurchasing, though it contributed to probably the one time I ever have an eyeliner in an empties post.

Onto Feb! It's super cold in Toronto, hope it's warmer wherever you are :)  Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what you thought!


  1. what a bummer of the Marc Jacob liner! I love the liner but as much as it cost, I don't think I would re-purchase in full size.

    1. I know eh such a weird thing to happen to an eyeliner! I remember you have the set of minis right? Hope it doesn't happen to yours!

  2. What, how do you guys do it?! I must confess I am not much into empties posts, but that is because I am super jealous! LOL
    I have tried the John Frieda ones and quite liked them. I usually like his stuff, though. Have you tried Brilliant Brunette? I keep buying them for the complex gourmand scent which I find so sexy. ;)

    1. Lol I never used to be either, things just went in the trash, but now I kinda find it satisfying :) I haven't tried the brunette version but the scent you're describing sounds tempting! Will try that on my next run! my fav John Frieda product is the touch up fly away tamer, so useful on the go.