Thursday, April 24, 2014

Topbox April 2014 Unboxing and Review

A little late on the Topbox post this month, but it wasn't too exciting so hence the lack of motivation to get it up asap upon receiving my package. If you haven't heard of this yet Topbox is a beauty subscription box that comes once a month at a price of $12 + tax, and contains approx 3-5 deluxe samples.  Its a Toronto business so gets a lot of my support for that, and it fulfills my addiction to trying out to new beauty products so I don't end up spending even more money at Sephora :)

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Hello open tube :)

What came out of the tissue wrap...

First up, the Elizabeth Arden Prevage eye serum. Dang these foil packets, but I've learned awhile ago that I can get some good uses out of it by squeezing it into a contact lens case or any other disposable small jar, so will give this a try! I have the Prevage day eyecream with SPF which is very good, so here's to hoping this one is too!

 Next is the bhcosmetics eyeshadow

Though these colors look pretty in the pan, they unfortunately are not very pigmented at all (swatches below took several swipes to get that intensity). Also this little palette's 3 colors don't really match with each other, making it kind of useless for travel since you'll have to bring your other palettes/shadows. 
First photo is flash, second is no flash.


Next the pur-lisse cleanser. I've used this a couple of times and quite like it! It's not too drying and does a good job of washing off everyday makeup, though I have not tested it with any long-lasting stuff. Will keep this in my travel kit. 

Lastly, a nice pincky nailpolish for spring!

Overall, I'm not unhappy with the box, but not really wow-ed or blown away by anything. I will still continue my subscription though as generally I like the boxes I get, or even if I get crappy products at least I know in the future not to purchase them!

Share with me what you got this month!

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