Monday, March 18, 2013

1st Z-Palette depotting experience: Lancome GWP eyeshadows

For a long time I've heard others rave about Z-palettes and "depotting", and for a long time, I thought, "why would I want to take apart the pretty packaging?" I guess I never owned enough makeup until now haha... Because I recently finished a makeup artisty certification and have been building my artist kit, my collection is growing and now I finally understand. No matter how pretty the packaging, it is very annoying to have to flip open every compact to find that certain color/shade I had in mind! So I finally took the plunge...I'm still somewhat attached to the pretty package so I started my first attempt with some Lancome GWP eyeshadows.  Figured since I got them for "free" and I wouldn't THAT upset if I screwed up =P Anyhow, read on for my experience!

As you can see from the photo above, the first step I took was to take apart the packaging as much as I could, which for these little palettes involved removing the inside plastic from the compact. I waved the compact over a candle for a few seconds to soften up the glue and then used a pair of tweezer to pry out the plastic. Once that was done you will see that the shadow pans are glued into the thin plastic insert.  I then waved the plastic over the candle flame again and the shadows popped out quite easily (see photos below)

I was super happy with the result as I managed not to crach any of the shadows (though did scratch a couople with my knife).  It also turned out that the pans were also metal/magnetized so they went easily in my new Z-palettes without any other work.  (The bottom of the Z-palette is covered with a magnet)

Since I was on a row I proceeded to do a few more GWP palettes, including 2 more Lancome ones, one from Clinique, and a Lancome blush. 

Below is a photo with the lid/cover closed. I absolutely love how the Z-palette has a clear cover, so I can see what's inside without opening it (the whole point of my depotting in the first place!)  For this reason alone I recommend the Z-palette over others that have a plastic or mirrored cover. 

Have you depotted before or have been wanting to try? Share your experience with me!

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