Monday, August 6, 2012

tokidoki sale grab ^_^

It's always fun to catch a sale :)

I was browsing Sephora on fine civic holiday (after failed attempt at outdoor Ribfest in the heat), and turns out tokidoki line is being discontinued so everything was 40% off. Unfortunately the brush set was already sold out. So bought some "fun" things to try out. 

1) Arte Palette - Vegas ($6) 

Includes 4 eyeshadows (pearl white, pearl grey, iridescent purple, pearl dark purple) and 1 blush (soft bronze pink).  For the price, it's more than decent. Small amount of fallout only, which again, is pretty darn good for this price (have seen much worse fallout with drug store palettes at slightly higher prices). Not the most pigmented shadows I've ever seen either, but good enough if you're patient to build up the colors, or prefer sheer anyways. The pearl white is great to highlight inner corners, and the other colors great for creating blended looks. This is a more cool-toned palette so I favor it over the other one.

Overall: pretty darn good for the value! use primer to make it longer lasting and apply with fingers to minimize fallout

2) Arte Palette - Lion Pappa ($6)

Includes 4 eyeshadows (pearl nude, matte light brow, pearl gold, pearl dark brown) and 1 blush (golden peach). Seems to have a bit more fallout than the other palette. The pearl nude is VERY sheer (so use it for a subtle highlight, but not for the inner corners as it won't brighten your eye as much as the pearl white shade from the other palette).  The pearl dark brown in contrast, is very pigmented, much more so than the pearl dark purple! Great if you want to use it alone as an liner-shadow, or to go over your eye liner for setting/softening. Definitely more warm-toned than the other palette, so not as great for my skintone, but the gold color is particularly nice.

3) Punk Lash Mascara - Sabochan ($10)

Fun purple color that caught my eye =P Unfortunately the color does not show up well on my dark lashes, but the mascara itself is about average quality. It lengthens well and is defining, but almost does no volumizing. Probably would be great for someone who already has dense lashes and just needs a bit more length, but doesn't work well for my very sparse lashes.

Overall: not worth the $10 for me, since I need more volume, and the color doesn't show up.  If you just need length and not volume, and have light colored lashes, then I'd give this a go :)

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