Friday, May 8, 2015

Another Sponge (not the best ever, but pretty good!) - Beauty Blender

I've gone a little crazy over different beauty "tools" recently, and finally decided to try this much debated mini version of the Beauty Blender. I've mentioned this before, I love the black BB, it's really awesome for foundation and I really haven't really seen negative reviews from others (except for the price tag of course). The "" is more controversial though as it has received very mixed reviews. Some love it, and some hate it, thinking it's way too small and a complete waste, and also that it doesn't do anything that the original BB can't do.

It comes with instructions to use it for contouring and highlighting.

This sponge is meant to be used damp like the original, and I happily saw that it expands to twice its size and becomes a softy-bouncy cushion just like the original. It's actually even a bit more soft compared to the original and feels a bit more flimsy in that regard.

For me, I actually really like this for blending out under-eye concealer. Yes the pointed end of the original BB can do the same, but this thing is softer and I feel I get more control with it. It also just "feels" nice when I use it on my delicate under-eye area. The performance is just as good as the original for end result, but of course it takes a bit more effort since it's smaller and there is more "bouncing"/stippling involved. In this regard, it's not "too small" for me.

Do you need this?...nope, not at all. However, most things in the cosmetic world we don't "need", but heck they're enjoyable to use.  I like this sponge and I'm happy having it to change up how I apply my makeup. It costs $24 CDN for 2 of them. I've been using 1 for the past few weeks regularly with daily washing and it's still going strong.

Have you tried this? Love it or hate it? Or just enjoying it for what it is?


  1. I haven't jumped on the Beauty Blender bandwagon because I like to use my fingertips for anything cream/liquid. But lately I've had redness issues that are worsened by rubbing my face so maybe I should consider it. Would it work for dense cream blush?

    1. I have a lot of redness as well and my skin is very sensitive (if a brush is too rough my skin will turn red), so I find the Beauty Blender very gentle (both the original and this one). I haven't tried it with blush though so not sure about that, but Sephora has a very good return policy if it doesn't work out for you. It's worth a try!