Friday, June 7, 2013

Review: Face Atelier Ultra Sheer in Peach

Face Atelier is a popular pro brand that is especially well known for their foundation (and it gets extra love from me for being Canadian!).  I decided to order a sample of their illuminator-type product called Ultra Sheer in the shade Peach with my recent haul (more reviews coming in later posts!).  Click the jump for swatches and thoughts!

 One nice thing about Face Atelier is that they allow you to purchase samples of their products for $1. Given that it`s not super easy to find this brand in stores, the samples are helpful in letting me try different shades before I commit to an online buy. You can`t buy a sample of all their products, as some are just hard to give samples of (such as blush or eyeshadows), but others such as foundations or lipsticks are great for sampling to try out what shades work best on you.

Ultra Sheer is described as a liquid illuminator and comes in 4 shades: Opal, Champagne, Peach, and Bronze. FA states they can be used alone to highlight, or as a blush or bronzer, or mixed into your foundation to illuminate or to change the hue slightly (the website states Peach can be used to add warmth to foundation).  I picked Peach as I thought it would be a great summer-time blush shade and would be versatile on different skin-tones when blended with foundation

My thoughts: Product is smooth and blends very easily.  As you can see from the swatch, it nicely illuminates the skin.  When I tried it on my bare cheeks, it gave a very natural warm and soft glow. I can see myself wearing this easily on casual no-makeup days to give my skin a healthy glow.  This deserves a purchase!

If you have tried Ultra Sheer let me know your thoughts!

*Disclosure: None. I purchased the product myself and have no affiliation with the company.

I purchased the product from Face Atelier`s website.

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